Why Are Some People Being So Mean To Joss Stone?

Hey, first off as I know essays are traditionally hated, I’ll keep this brief. Why exactly are certain people so mean to , whether it be about her age, voice or race?! She is the most original artist out there, there is no one else that I can think of right now that concentrates solely on music the way she does, and with as much talent as well. She has been named by many as the new Aretha Franklin of the 21st century, and I think rightly so.

Let’s start with the first criticism; her age. Just because she’s 17, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t had experience in life and does not know what she is talking about. Besides she has the voice and emotion and focus inside her to do the soulful songs and does them true justice, and above all she has the talent to do them. Before you go labeling her because of her age, I suggest you take the time to listen to her and her music, because you are in fact denying yourself something really special and soulful, with all the talent and emotion to back it up. Please give the girl a chance and don’t prejudge her because of her age, I guarantee you will be surprised.

Secondly, some people don’t realize just how amazing Joss Stone’s voice is. I have had the privilege of hearing that amazing voice live at the Atlanta Midtown music festival, and I have to say its not so much the octaves or range of her voice, which is immensely powerful might I add, but the depth of it and emotion of it is something that is rare and unique, and something that is going to do nothing but get better. I truly believe Joss belongs up there as one the greatest singers along with Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. She truly has the talent and voice that is far beyond her years and something which all soul and RnB fans should be able to appreciate.

Thirdly, her race. Soul music shouldn’t be about color; people from all colors can have soulful voices. Joss Stone does soul true justice with her amazing and true emotion and strength of her voice. To brand someone that they cannot be a soul singer simply because of their race is in itself institutionally racist, and unfair. Joss Stone has been associated with Aretha Franklin, the legend of soul by soul fans, so go figure.

Overall, Joss Stone is a truly unique and talented soul singer, who not only is immensely talented but truly beautiful and sexy, yet without even having to try; she is truly the most original and talented soul singer who will be responsible for bringing soul music into the mainstream 21st century music scene; many big players, including Betty Wright, Little Beaver, Timmy Thomas, Benny Latimore, Lenny Kravitz and Elton John have given her a chance, why don’t you?

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