Why Can’t Some Female RnB Artists Keep Men?

Contributed anonymously:

If you listen the radio you’ll notice that a hell of a lot of RnB songs are male-bashing, bitter, female chauvinistic songs, dogging men out.

Not to say that all the songs on “Hoes and Bitches” aren’t demeaning either but come on; you turn up the radio and hear all these songs saying stuff like,
“Oh no, he didn’t!”
“Can you pay my bills?”
“I keep on running back to you.”

This completely squashes the idea of independent women who can provide for themselves and don’t need busters to occupy their time. So obviously, the men they meet are going to treat them right for a short period of time then retreat back to foolish behavior, ending the relationship in a media frenzy.

Then they go on Oprah, cry, then go to the studio and record another heartbroken ballad, completing the vicious circle. Where does it end?

This doesn’t count for everyone though: Mary J Blige, , T-Boz from TLC and Chanté Moore are all happily married. and Brandy seem to have got it together after breaking up with their babies’ fathers.

It’s like a coin toss but instead of always coming across as the “Angry female” How about writing a song about your real worth? Not about blaming men for everything. Like “Booty” by Erykah Badu, “Love’s still alright” by Chanté Moore or “Thank you” by Jamelia.

Real independent women don’t depend on the inferiority of men in any shape or form.

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