Why Does Ashanti Have A Record Deal, You Asked?

Contributed anonymously:

People, people, why has a record deal is not the question here. However why we allow her to poison us with her Crap&B needs to be closely re-examined. I have made my opinions of her clear, and they are all negative, but no, I have realized that we need her in the industry. READ ON.

Ashanti is a major instigator in what I call the
Crap&B Plague. She and other female “singers” come in assorted flavors, Black paint (Christina Milian) Bikini top Blue (Ciara) and Foolish (Ashanti.) The mere fact that I have selected Ashanti is because she has achieved the most undeserved fame and fortune in the shortest time.

Ashanti got a record deal to front a label that was started up by crack dealers. Her five-note range had nothing to do with it. She is the only member of Murder Inc sorry The Inc, who has never been arrested or charged for crime. So clearly Tubby Gotti needed a non-criminal to front the label that was built on the profit of crack.

After selecting the “Princess” Irv chose to take the heat off of the bad label by putting her out as America’s girl next door, bland and ordinary. Although Ashanti has achieved record sales in excess of five million, her success comes far from her half-octave range.

Ashanti is non-intimidating. Her talent is nothing to be adorned, her charisma well… let’s not talk about imaginary things. Ashanti is so lacking that people are content to have her on TV because they know that they could give up their day jobs and wipe the floor with her.

Don’t you see? Having her in the music industry is a blessing in disguise, you know you never really appreciate the rain until you’re caught in a drought. Ashanti is the drought, for any good music that could come out of her has already been squeezed to the last drop. But don’t worry the sun will shine, Mary J Blige is a ray so don’t be fooled by the B.S.

Let’s be honest, Ashanti is nothing to fear. Her record is not going to give you a life-changing epiphany or make you look beneath the surface, it will play unimportantly in the background. As long as Ashanti stays compliant with the rules of Crap&B she is guaranteed at least another sh***y album:
1) Don’t think, just lip sync
2) Align yourself with people who attract attention for all the wrong reasons
3) Talent is overrated,

Like I like to say, the cream always rise and the sh** always sinks.

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