Why Does Ashanti Have A Record Deal?

I’m sorry, but is just truly wack! She is a waste of a record deal. There are plenty of more talented people in the world. If you watch Apollo, American Idol, or drop by a local talent show in your town or even drop by a church you will hear people that could blow away in their sleep. Their snores probably sound better than . Now the truth is, can sing. Let me rephrase, can hold a note. However, that’s just like saying you want a student who has been to medical school for one year to be your brain surgeon. Sure he knows a lil bit and can get through, but damn, would u trust this person w/ your life? How are these ‘somewhat” talented people getting these record deals? I guess to get a record deal these days requires no talent; all it requires is the will and determination. Which is truly a shame. That’s just like going to an art gallery and seeing a big red X on a white peace of paper and saying “ooh that’s art”. NO. Just because somebody can do something doesn’t mean they can do it well. I thought to be a PROFESSIONAL SINGER that meant you had to be a somewhat ‘GOOD SINGER”. But, I guess determination is what she has. Why? Because the vocals, the dancing, the everything is horribly lacking!! America, let’s get it together!!! This woman goes overseas and represents us! Lol, she shows them what American talent is….which is a joke these days I guess.

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