Why Girl Groups Can’t Keep It Together

MTV News profiled the trouble female groups like , Xscape, Total, En Vogue, Jade, Brownstone, Destiny’s Child and 702 have had keeping their original lineups together, in marked contrast to boybands. Former Naughty by Nature member Kay Gee, who introduced the now-defunct duo Zhane to the world in 1994 explained, “I don’t want to sound biased or like I’m stereotyping females, but it’s practically written; it’s a female thing. Girls need space. I can’t really explain it. Guys can sit down when you have problems or they could argue, even fight and sit down the next day and be cool and be over it. But if girls get into it one time, it’s over with. They just hold it against each other. There is no next-day sit-down. If it gets to a certain level, it’s blown out and it’s over with. With guys, you can go to the limit and push it, then laugh five or 10 minutes later.” The full story at MTV.com has since been removed.

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