Why Is Michelle Williams In Destiny’s Child?

Contributed anonymously:

Why on earth is Michelle Williams in Destiny’s Child? I would like someone to help me understand what I never understood. Its been years and compared to Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland her dancing doesn’t measure up, her looks don’t measure up, her singing (isn’t bad but) doesn’t measure up, her confidence doesn’t measure up and I don’t see anything special or interesting enough about her for her to be thrust in to the lime light with the likes of Kelly and Beyonce. She is the eye sore of the DC experience over all. I am not trying to offend Michelle fans but every time I see a Destiny’s Child video or performance, Michelle falls short. She always makes me role my eyes. Had she auditioned for Diddy’s Making The Band, she never would have made it. So how did she get in to a group of THAT magnitude? Surely they didn’t hold auditions. They probably looked for someone they could run over and still not hear a peep from.

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