X-Rated ‘Chicago’ Audience Behavior Stuns Michelle Williams

caught an eyeful while on stage starring as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ on Saturday night, letting her Twitter followers (@RealMichelleW) in on the X-rated distraction. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

I’ma need the couple n the front row 2 get their hands out of each others pants. That is rude and she is SO not classy 4 that. GET A ROOM!

woman n the frnt row had her leg gaped open. the man beside her had his hands in her snapper. And they got mad when they got put out. LOL!

It was quite distracting. she was adding her own soundtrack. There’s a part in the show where I say those r my boys and she said “lucky u!”

It was an older couple. I was like “nobody on this stage wants 2 see ur ol wilted flower!” Or pay me mor 4 helpn u get ur kicks off. LOL

@TemujinScott Yes this was at the show CHICAGO! Everybody in the cast was STUNNED!!! U couldn’t help but notice them!

@DreKellz2004 baaaaby bye! I want those seat steamed and sanitized. Better yet… install some new ones!!!

@WisePoly I personally think she was “hired” help!!! if u know what I mean!! LOL

Okay you guys. Let’s have a word of prayer! My views on affection have been thrown off. Touch me Lord Jesus (in the voice of Shirley Ceasar)

Mom, I know you’re gonna read those past few tweets!! But er ummmm I had to let the folks know the foolishness that my eyes saw!

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