Alicia Keys ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’ Video

Alicia Keys 'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart' music video

is out with the video to her new single ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’, the second release off the New York City R&B singer’s fourth studio album ‘The Element of Freedom’, out December 14th via J Records. Watch the Syndrome directed video below.

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4 thoughts on “Alicia Keys ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’ Video

  1. jayden Eli says:

    This song is hot. I could not believe it was Alicia Keys singing this song.

  2. NERD says:

    A.K. got the idea behind the video for sleeping with a broken heart of off Smallville. When superman loses his first love because she absorbs lethal kryptonite. “if she gets near superman he gets hurt”. (same idea in the video)

  3. Kitty Kat says:

    I love this song and video!!! I have watched over and over and I am loving it more each time. Alicia Keys is an amazing musician…going out to buy the CD ASAP.

  4. crystal payne says:

    this song was so fu**in amazing I love it so much my girl got it made I want to be just like her I love her and don’t even no her keep it up girl…. that song was all about me and what I’m going through..

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