Macy Gray Wants Awards Show Anger

presented at the American Music Awards with Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath for favorite rock group, but before honoring Fleetwood Mac, Gray went into an impromptu and time chewing monologue. Read on for what she had to say.

Macy: Before we announce the winner I just want t say — we’ve been backstage watching the show all night and the only thing is the people who don’t win, you don’t get mad, you know what i mean? I want to see somebody get mad, throw something at the stage.

[ Laughter ] Start screaming, show how you really feel, you know what i mean? You are not happy for the other person. All right?

Mark: Speak.

Macy: I mean, like right now, you know, I’m up here and I’m cool and everything, you know. Hi, I’m macy gray, yada, yada, but underneath all this I’m really — that I didn’t get nominated.

[ Cheers and applause ] Mark is, too. Mark is too,.

Mark: I’m with her.

Macy: I want all of the rest you, just really let loose, okay? Here we go. And the winner is —

Macy and Mark: Fleetwood Mac.

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