Mario Observes How We Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Barrett checked in with his Twitter followers (@MarioSoulTruth) a day after Mother’s Day, talking about the holiday, moms and his mother. The 25-year-old, currently readying his fifth album ‘Restoration’, writes:

Mom’s you are blessed to have another day in your honor. #MarioMondays is dedicated to YOU today. lol

On Mother’s Day, I paid very close attention to the world around me & consciously observed how we all celebrated our mothers. #MM

It was interesting to see what changes and additions took place in honor and preparation for celebrating moms. #MM

the grocery stores dedicated an entire isle for cards, flowers, chocolates and hearts with “MOM” printed on everything. #MM

Intersections of street corners were flooded with people selling flowers and teddy bears who could barely speak english. lol #MM

Bouquets & stuffed animals were doubled in price every store used the holiday to brand a product and solicit business. #MM

every store used the holiday to brand a product and solicit business. “get mom an oil change for Mother’s Day! 20% off” lmao

but on the day of Mother’s Day, only one thing mattered: Mother’s around the world were thought of, remembered. recognized, and honored.

I did something very personal for my mother that is just between her and I that made her feel special and loved.

Don’t ask me “what?” lol… I said it was personal ;-)


How did she react?

I can’t tell you how special my mother really is to me. #MM
ya, we have had our bullsh** but at the end of the day, my mother did all she could in her power to help me succeed..and still does #MM

one of my most memorable memories with my mother is so silly but it’s “ours”. #MM

We would get in the car together & harmonize to “Mary Had A Little Lamb” lmao. The first time I was about 9. #MM

If you have ever heard my mother harmonize you’d be surprised, her ear is on point! #MM

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