Mary J. Blige Has A Gospel Album In Her Future

tells that she’s planning on recording a gospel album in the future. “I know that I’ll record a gospel album,” she insisted. “I know that is the next thing in Mary J. Blige’s life. On her singing career list is recording a gospel album.” Asked if her next release could be it, she says, “My next album could be a gospel album. If you wanted to, consider this album a gospel album–excluding ‘PMS.’ I mean, the curse words and stuff like that. Gospel means good news, and the good news is that Mary loves herself right now. Mary loves God, Mary loves people, and she tries to see good and she loves everything–not foolishly, but wise. She loves people from a distance, and I pray for them all. Enemies and all. So my next album will just be a full dedication to God, or the album after that, or all in the mix of it. All in the mix.”

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