Mary J. Blige Keeps Pop From Proper Burial

The Globe is reporting a man who claims to be the father of , Marvin E. Williams, has been sitting on a morgue slab for over a month because Mary nor her sister LaTonya refuse to sign the next-of-kin release to get him a proper burial.

Felise Hutton, William’s former lover told the Globe, “Mary doesn’t give a damn about Marvin. But he told he told me he was her dad and all I’m asking from her is the signature that will allow him a burial.”

Hutton thinks the two hold a grudge against their father for “abandoning them as children. But they’re grown up no. It’s time for them to forgive him.”

Hutton says she’s not after any money, just a signature and that Marvin loved the two very much. His young age when they were born apparently played into his decision to not be a responsible father.

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