New Flo Anthony Column Up

Flo Anthony has info from the 7th annual Lady of Soul Awards at the Santa Monica last week. Flo talked to about the tragedy who admitted, “It touched home. She’ll always be a beautiful girl. Both of her hairdressers were my hairdressers. In fact, one of them was supposed to be doing my hair today.”

also denied rumors that she was dumping Macy Gray as her manager.

The column at has since been removed.

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One thought on “New Flo Anthony Column Up

  1. jermaine chatman says:

    Hey Flo Anthony what happened to Ginuwine is he coming out with another album he’s one of my favorite artist and is Ginuwine coming back to Rochester NY soon and is Ginuwine going to do a video with Dru Hill look at these videos Trillville some cute Petey Pablo freak a leak Ginuwine differences and in those jeans and Dru Hill I love you video Bobby V slow down and tell me and R. Kelly song so sexy DMX and Sisqo video what they want . OH YES I HEARD T WAYNE IS COMING TO ROCHESTER and Flo Anthony I love Miami Florida and Atlanta GA let me hit the lottery financial blessings I’ll live it up on South Beach Miami Florida and I like the flavor of love show. JC ROCHESTER >NY

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