No One Ever Proclaimed Aaliyah Royalty

Contributed Anonymously:

was an amazing performer, dancer, singer and actress; that is why she had so many fans. She was never a mold of Janet Jackson, she was completely different from her. She was able to wear baggy pants and sing about love and not have to act like a complete ho to do it. She never let fame get to her and finished high school before committing to her career. She gave inspiration to her fans and to me she was a great role model. Aaliyah genuinely cared about her fans; loved them as if she was related to them. People mourn her death because of the kind of person she was. Look how rare it is to actually find someone who young females can look up to and be proud to be a fan. I don’t think there will ever be anyone as generous and kind as Aaliyah was; she was one in a million.

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