Blu Cantrell In Pop Show has photos of Blu Cantrell who was basically the only non-pop act at Sunday night’s 106.1 BLI Long Island Winter Jam 2001 in Uniondale, New York. Check out the 7 photos of Blu from the show here.

Blu Cantrell Is A Craig David Fan

Radio 1 talked with Blu Cantrell about her musical influences where the singer said, “I listen to a lot of old school stuff, older stuff. I like Craig David – he’s a friend of mine – I like his ‘Born to Do It’ album a lot, and he’s very cute. Very popular with his female fans.”

Blu Cantrell Addresses Nude Photo Flap

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked with Blu Cantrell ahead of her show Tuesday in Atlanta. Cantrell said of her nude photos from 7 years ago in Black Tail magazine, “It’s a closed book to me. I know people are talking about it. I’m not surprised . . . but I don’t even care. I’m not ashamed of nudity. I did it a long time ago when I needed to pay my bills.

“Actually, I’m proud of it. I’ll sign one [of the pictures] if they want me to. I’ve even caught friends looking, business associates looking at me on the Internet. And I’m fine with it. I did it so long ago. Now it’s about the singing and the album. I don’t have any regrets.”

Blu Cantrell At Levi’s Photos has photos of Blu Cantrell at the Levi’s store in New York City Tuesday where she modeled clothes for the store and signed autographs. Check out the pictures here.

Disappointments At Arista’s Roger Friedman reports Arista Records head of promotion Jerry Blair was canned yesterday following a string of releases under the label that have disappointment. Babyface’s new CD only cleared 55,000 copies last week putting it at a #25 debut. With disappointing sales from Usher and Blu Cantrell, the label appears likely for a major overhaul from parent company BMG.

New Flo Anthony Column Up

Flo Anthony has info from the 7th annual Lady of Soul Awards at the Santa Monica last week. Flo talked to Blu Cantrell about the Aaliyah tragedy who admitted, “It touched home. She’ll always be a beautiful girl. Both of her hairdressers were my hairdressers. In fact, one of them was supposed to be doing my hair today.”

Sunshine Anderson also denied rumors that she was dumping Macy Gray as her manager.

The column at has since been removed.