The Energy Aaliyah Took With Her

On August 25, 2001 some of stood in shock while one of the most talented entertainers of our lifetime departed this Earth.
I remember when her first single hit the airwaves, there was just something fresh about her sound, I was about 15 and even though her song was simple “Back and Forth” got everybody on the dance floor at the sock hops.

It was only the beginning of what was to come, every summer she was hitting us with something new but nobody can forget the summer when “One in a Million” came out, what ever you were doing you stopped to get a listen to this crazy beat.. She was introducing us to Timbaland and Missy and no matter how many people tried to duplicate, we all know where we heard it first!!

continued to shock us when she wore a dress on “Are you that somebody’ believe it or not, that was quite the chitter chatter, because until then we had just known her for the sunglasses and baggy clothes.

Every now and then she would take a break, and when she did, her fans knew, when her competitors would come out with a hit, we would sometime say, “Where is Aaliyah” she was what music was missing at that time, she was the singer, the dancer and the budding movie star and some how, you never got tired of seeing her face.

Her music was so different and new, she wasn’t afraid to have a new sound and because of how humble she was, her fan base only grew larger. The summer she departed I think most of us knew we would miss her and the energy she had in her music, I never cried when she passed, I was and still am in shock.

I find myself saying..”Dang, when is Aaliyah gonna come out with another hot one” and I have to catch myself. Aaliyah had a certain something about her, something you don’t see in many people these days, and she was always climbing the ladder towards excellence, no matter how long it took her to get there.

Now you see people trying to get to the top so fast, that they may lose their fans along the way.

In closing, I would like to state that Aaliyah opened the doors for many people and served her purpose well on Earth, but you can’t help to think of where she would be now!

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