The Passing Of Aaliyah

Thursday (August 25) marked the fourth year of ’s passing. Throughout this elongated period of empty space you can’t help but to think what could have been. She was a rising star not yet even close to the heights of heaven she would have touched. While her period on earth was short lived, she never left her fans wanting or unfilled. She continually and completely left us satisfied, moved and gratified with her music, movies and herself. Aaliyah didn’t leave behind a mouth full of questions and a heart full of trouble. She left behind sincerity and meaningfulness to life, love and music. Her fans remember her for everything she was and everything she wanted and was going to be. The loss of Aaliyah to her fans has not been an easy transition to accept, but the pain gets easier to deal with; time seems to move on a little quicker and resume in place of what was lost. We might have lost an angel on earth but we didn’t lose her memory or legacy. She is still remembered and will be until the end of time. Rest in eternal peace Aaliyah.

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