The Princess Doesn’t Want To Be Left Alone

The Inc’s first lady has chosen ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’ to be the next offering off her platinum 4th album ‘Concrete Rose’. The song will hit airways on March 8th, with the video being released at the end of next month. The video for the single will be shot on March 20-24 in Miami and Mexico by Veteran Director Hype William (, Ja Rule). The song features Producer 7 Aurelius singing on the hook, telling the world not to leave Ashanti ‘Alone’ and She won’t let us just yet. Ashanti has plans to follow-up the single by telling the world she’s ‘Focus’, which is going to be released at the end of April. The video for ‘Focus’ was shot last December, which was supposed to be released last January, but due to the fans reaction to ‘DLMA’ changes had to be made. Director Fat Cats and Irv Gotti helmed the clip. You can check Ashanti out on the small and silver screen this fall in the comedy ‘The Family Reunion’ Which will be a TV show and movie. Also check-out Ashanti as Dorothy in the made for television movie ‘The Muppets Wizard of Oz’ in May 2005 on ABC.

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