Trevor Jackson Shoots Music Video With Zendaya Coleman

Trevor Jackson 'Like We Grown' video

Trevor Jackson is out with behind the scenes footage from his ‘Like We Grown’ music video shoot, featuring ‘Shake It Up’ star Zendaya Coleman. The track is from the singer and actor’s upcoming debut album on Atlantic Records.

“I get to play the girl in the music video, so it’s kind of like the girl he’s trying to get after, so it’ll be pretty cool. I’m excited,” Coleman said of her role.

Describing their scene together, Trevor said, “What do I do? I walk to her. I gotta get to know her. I’ve gotta talk to her. I’ve gotta know this girl somehow, some way. That’s what we’re shooting right now. I’m choppin’ it up with her. She ends up giving me the digits and the address.”

Trevor Jackson and Zendaya ColemanPreviewing the following scene, director Mike Ho said, “It’s the party. It’s nighttime. All of her friends are here. She’s up against the wall waiting for him to arrive, thinking he’s not showing up because it’s so late, but he ended up making a surprise visit and comes up and that’s how he surprises her.”

Before shooting the next scene on the roof, Trevor said, “We’re doing the night scene where I bring the beautiful Zendaya up on this balcony as you can call it, and we’re gonna have a little bit more intimate scenes in it and then we’re gonna do the dance scene after this.”

For her part, Coleman said, “Obviously I’m really excited to be a part of this video. I’ve known Trevor for a while now and he’s a really good friend of mine. He’s really great, so here I am. He asked me to be in the video and I’m really excited to be here, so it’s gonna be great.”

After wrapping up, Trevor said, “We just finished the video. I’m tired but I am excited man. We worked really hard to get this video done.”
Watch it via YouTube below.

Update: Check out photos from the music video shoot after the cut.

Trevor Jackson and Zendaya Coleman dance
Trevor Jackson and Zendaya Coleman street
Trevor Jackson and Zendaya Coleman video
Trevor Jackson and Zendaya Coleman camera
Trevor Jackson and Zendaya Coleman sidewalk
Trevor Jackson and Zendaya Coleman
Trevor Jackson serious
Trevor Jackson camera
Trevor Jackson hair

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