Turkey Gives Jawan Harris A Scare

Jawan Harris

checked in with his Twitter followers (@singerjawan) this evening to discuss a fowl encounter. The Chicago R&B singer writes:

I meant to tell y’all that I got chased by a HUGE TURKEY yesterday!!!!! #RadomTweet Lol. Y’all should’ve saw me… I was GONE!!!!

I was TERRIFIED!!!!!… This was my facial expression.

That turkey was 3x the size of my stomach… And y’all know I got a big stomach.?? Lol. It was determined to catch me too!!! #FunnyTimes

I was walking looking down. Next thing you know, I see @sopranasinger @TheWorldOfX running the opposite direction.

So as I see them running… Of course I wanted to run. But I didn’t have a reason for running. Until…

I kept walking and looking at the ground and hear a sound… Of course I looked up. And saw “The biggest Turkey Ive ever seen in my life”…

…Charging at me!!!!! I’m literally laughing in tears right now!!!

The new trend is… #TeamJawanTurkeyStory …NOT #TeamCookieSnatchinThug anymore. Lol. Spread the word!!!

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